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The website www.thefoodorigins.com.my is operated and owned by The Food Origins. The terms “Company”, “we”, “our” and “us” that stated in this website are all belongings to The Food Origins.

The Company website, which subject to information, terms, conditions, rules, tools, available service on this website that you access, are conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms and conditions, policies and notices (on behalf of the yourself or the entity that you represent).

By accessing our website and made order(s) with us, you are deemed to agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”, “Terms”) with the services that you involved in.

The Terms of Service is applicable for all users that accessing to the website, including without limitation users who are browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and/or contributors of content.

You are required to read the following terms and conditions (Terms of Services) before proceed to use or access our website. With this you are deemed to agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Without any hesitate, the new content, tools and features that The Company to add into the website shall also subject to the Terms of Services.

The following terms of conditions that attached in our website are subjected only to The Company.

Please bear in mind that regularly check on The Company website Terms of Services is necessary to avoid changes of terms and condition which constitutes acceptance of the new changes.


You will need to make sure that you have reach the at least age of majority in your state of country and give The Company your represent to allow any insignificant dependents for this website by accepting to these Terms of Services. Our products may not be applied for any illegal purpose or violates any state or country law. You are not allowed to transfer any viruses or code of destructive nature. Fail to comply with the Terms of Services are immediately result in cancellation of your Services.



The Company should not guarantee you from the timely, accurate, uninterrupted use of services and The Company owes the right to reject the service to anyone at any time without any reason. You have to understand that your information may have the risk of being transferred unencrypted due to transmissions over networks and technical requirements of connecting networks. Therefore, you are deemed to agree that you are not allowed to copy, duplicate, reproduce, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the services for any purpose without any permission from The Company.



The Company is not responsible for any inaccurate information that shown on the website. All information provided in the website are for general purpose and general illustration. Without any consulting form Our Company, it should not be used for individual decision making and on the user own risk. Note that the information display shall have the timing difference as the information uploaded is not align with the current timing. The Company owes the right to update the website information that related our products at any time. Should the information displayed on our website has error, we reserves the right to correct, change or update any error or inaccuracies on any information. It is on the user responsibility to check on the Terms of Service regularly that display in the T and C category from time to time.



All the prices for each items are displayed in the website and can be adjusted without any notifications to user. The Company has the right for modification, adjust price, suspension of the Services. All of the prices displayed are shown in Malaysian ringgit (RM) where delivery fees are varies based on location which are shown in total price when user checkout their shopping cart unless coupon code being applied. You are only allowed to make payment by using the payment gateway our website provided in order for the order to be processed. No any changes, substitution, cancellation and replacement on checkout items are allowed once the order has been paid and proceeded. We shall not be held responsible /liable for any third-party products.



Certain products and services are exclusively for online users only. Therefore, the Company displayed all the offered products image on the website as accurate as possible. All the description of products and product price are subject to change without notification to our users from time to time. Any discontinuation of offered product is subject to Our Company only. If there are any mistakes to the orders you placed, for example wrong items, broken items, unseal items or damaged items, please contact to our customer service for this issue not later than 3 days after the parcel has been received. We are not responsible for any packaging error after 3 days the parcel has been received by the customer.



Once payment has been made by the user, the listed items in the order is not allowed to change as The Company has started to prepare items according to your order. Order status will be updated to customer from time to time via email notification only. Customer has the responsibility to check the updated status themselves in the email for the estimated time for delivery. The Company will notify customer for any late order due to circumstances and the customer has the responsibility to check on their own. Should you have any dissatisfactory on our product, please contact our customer service for further actions not later than 3 days after the parcel has been received. Our Company reserves the right to decline any complaint and not take any action should the parcel has exceed the stated days after it has been received.



Customer are advised to provide accurate and correct billing address and delivery address to the user account in our website for delivery purpose. Should our courier partner fails to send your parcel to you, it is on customer own responsibility. The Company reserves the right to reject any order or recharge customers for resending. Therefore, the customer are deemed to agree to update their account information from time to time to avoid any failure delivered order.



You are advised to talk with our customer service team for any return and refund method and solution should you receive a damaged items or incorrect order. It is advised to take photos after you discover any problems of your parcel and talk to our customer service with the photos as proof. The Company has the right to deny any return or refund to you should The Company realise that any photos you provided are edited or corrected and not in the original condition when you first receive the parcel. All returned item shall be send back to our store with their original packaging and unsealed condition. Any returned item that is not in their original packaging are not aligned with our return/ refund policy and The Company may be deny for any refund or return of the item. Should the items or orders exceed more than 3days after the parcel has been delivered, The Company reserves the right not to proceed with any return or refund to you.



You are deemed to accept that shipping fees will be charged and solely bear by you only if you select our courier service during the Checkout page. All orders are shipped out by our courier partner(s) or self-collection only. Self-Collection from our warehouse are subjected to selected time and day only. All orders will be shipped out via courier services and the delivery fees and courier partner(s) are subjected to change from time to time without prior notice to you.



You are deemed to accept that you are only subjected to deliver your order via the courier partner(s) that we provided. Request on changing courier services or partner are not allowed once the payment has been made. Once we processed you order ,we only provided delivery services to you at the place of delivery that requested by you during the checkout. Coupon code that being provided for our company should not be copy, duplicate for any other any illegal purpose within or outside the website. Coupon code that obtained from our social media and website can be applicable on website or social media during checkout from the time period stated. Any coupon code that exceed the time period are considered expiry coupon code and it shall not applicable on anywhere. Coupon code are limited in quantities and amount. Therefore, The Company owes the right to terminate the applied coupon shall the quantities or amount exceed the specified amount. The Company reserves the right to terminate or cancel the applied coupon code should The Company realise there are duplication or abuse usage of coupon code of user.



Third party tool or apps that we provide to you is not under monitor for Our Company. Therefore, users are deemed to accept that Our Company provide to this tools or apps without any warranties. We shall not have any responsibility for the problems that arising from the third party tools or apps. This is to ensure that user is understand that using the third-party tools or apps on their own risk. Some content, products and services in our website may contains the materials from third-parties, but third-party links that directed user to third-party website is not under responsibility of Our Company and we reserve the right to decline any problems that arising from the third party website. Please take note that user that make transaction, place order, provide personal information to the third-party website or link is not under the responsible of Our Company and you should make any investigation before proceeding to provide any information or necessary transaction in connection with the third-part site and tools.



All information that provided by users are solely governed by Our Company. Should you decide to register as member on our website is warrant that all information that required from the website is correct, complete and accurate. User is responsible for the security and confidentially of the account created in our website. For any suspicion activities in your account, you are deemed to agree that notify Our Company immediately and it is your responsibility to terminate your account. Should the user account be terminated, user are required to provide information to create new account as Our Company is not obligated to backup any user information. All information that user provided in account is not sponsored, endorsed and provided by Our Company. Our Company is not liable for any unauthorized use of users account or any problems and loss that arising from this issue. The user shall warrant that the information provided is not violate to any laws and regulations of your state or province state.



The Company grants the user a non-transferable, non-exclusive, non-assignable, license to access to the website with the personal use and non-commercial use only with the restriction that

(1) the user shall not sell, rent, transfer, assign, license commercially exploit the Site;

(2) the user shall not allowed to change or modify any part of the website engineer;

(3) the user shall not duplicate, copy, reproduce, downloaded, displayed, republished, distributed, transmitted for any other purpose unless permission that made from The Company;

(4) the user shall not build a similar or competitive service with access to our website. All intellectual property rights, information, picture, trademarks are owned by The Company or The Company’s licensor and the provision of the website are not allowed to transfer to any user or any third party.



Should you provided that your feedback submitted on any platforms do not contain any confidentially or proprietary information. You are responsible for any words of the feedback to ensure the accuracy and The Company does not liable for any feedback from users or third-party. You should agree that the feedback you submitted are not violates any rights or country or province state laws. The Company are allowed to use any feedback from users for any purpose in any way. The Company shall take your feedback as advice only and no any reimbursement or compensation will be entitled for any circumstances. All the feedback if found fake or purposely create for damaging our company, a legal action is expected to action against the damagers.



When the user use our website, it is deemed to agree that the user has accepted the prohibited uses policy. This policy is prohibited users from using the content for the action that are

(1) not comply with all applicable laws and regulatory requirement;

(2) for any unlawful purpose;

(3) to solicit others to perform or participate in any unlawful acts;

(4) Submit only correct and accurate information;

(5) Act dishonestly by engaging in unprofessional behaviour by posting inappropriate and inaccurate content to our website;

(6)Harass, abuse, insult or harm based on gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, national origin on another person;

(7)Infringes upon patent, trademarks and copyrights;

(8) Uses another user account without authorization;

(9) Includes any unauthorized advertisement to spam, scrape, crawl, spider with any software viruses, worms or any malicious code that may be affected the functionality or operation of The Company or any user on our website;

(9) to reverse the engineer or decompile the website of Our Company without any permission;

(10) to interfere the security feature and duplicate users information on the website;

(11)Block, remove, cover any form of advertisement that posted by The Company;

(12) Infringe the company website, company’s logo, social media, pictures, brand, name or trademarks unless special permission released by The Company.



You agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Company (including our parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, officers, agents, licensors, service provides, suppliers, interns and employees) from any costs, including attorneys’ fees, any claims or demand made by any third-party due to or arising out the breach of these Terms of Services and Terms and Conditions.



In no any event shall our Company or supplier beliable for any injury, loss, profit, claim, indirect, incidental, exemplary, consequential damages of any kind arising from your use of any service or any products on our website, whether it is based on contract or not.



To use this website, you shall deemed to accept these Terms of Service are effective unless it is terminated or stopped by our official announcement. It is on the user own choice that these Terms of Service can be terminated if the users are no longer wish to access on our website and use any information that published on our website. If The Company has noticed that you have violate the Terms of Service, The Company owes the rights to cease the user account without any notifications and it results that all information of your user account will be deleted and deny you from access to our services.



These Terms of Services that published on our website are to ensure that the Terms of Service constitutes the entire agreement and the understanding between user and The Company for the use of services or tools on our website.



Any questions that related to these Terms of Services can be directed to our customer services department at thefoodorigins@yahoo.com .